New VR game allows women and minorities to enjoy white male privilege

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A virtual reality game called “Rupert”, will finally give minorities a realistic taste of the sweet nectar of white male privilege.

In the game, players will express an opinion, apply for jobs and reach into a pocket in front of a policeman with a modicum of the fuss this would usually cause.

“Being Rupert was like having a little vacation from me,” said black woman, Naomi Smith.

“I particularly enjoyed the level where I disagreed with someone in a meeting and I wasn’t described as ‘bossy’ or ‘sassy’ – my virtual peers just listened to my opinion and judged it on its merits.

“Nobody suddenly touched my hair without asking either, as Rupert just has a simple coif and for some reason, people seem less inclined to grope at that.

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“Also, people seem to accept that Rupert was born in London without asking ‘no, I mean where are you really from?’ which is a refreshing change.”

Asian man, Hassan Ali, said, “I chose to ride a bus as Rupert while wearing a backpack, and nobody moved to another seat or eyed me with barely-concealed suspicion. It was a really lovely half an hour in a fictional digital world.

“I wasn’t a massive fan of the constant rounds of golf if I’m honest, but I guess even being a white male comes with its small prices to pay.”

Rupert is released this Summer, and comes with the bonus DLC pack, “Rupert Kisses His Partner In Public and It’s Fine”, for everyone who pre-orders the game.