‘A-ha! But Israel’ says anti-Semite shithead, triumphantly

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An anti-Semite shithead has successfully won yet another twitter argument with his deft deployment of the phrase – ‘A-ha, but Israel.’

Simon Williams, a breath-taking shithead who once read a tweet from a Russian bot about the Rothschilds, can often be found on Twitter using the phrase ‘it’s not anti-Semitic to criticise Israel, actually,’ before going on to spout some spectacularly anti-Semitic conspiracy nonsense about who REALLY runs things.

“A-ha! But Israel,” said Mr Williams, inevitably, in response to his latest Twitter spat which actually began as a conversation about who should partner Declan Donnelly on Saturday Night Takeaway.

“The thing about Israel is that they have successfully infiltrated all the upper-echelons of US society,” he continued, subtly using the word ‘Israel’ instead of the word ‘Jews’ to cunningly give the impression of not being an anti-Semite shithead.

“Which is something you never see discussed in the media because people will call it anti-Semitic,” ignoring the fact that people would call such an assertion anti-Semitic largely because it is anti-Semitic.

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It is estimated that Mr Williams’ artful use of the phrase ‘A-ha! But Israel,’ has allowed him to continually pop up on Twitter and Facebook for several years now to blame ‘Zionists’ for everything from the rise of neo-liberalism over the last forty years to the fact that Snickers bars are definitely smaller than when he was a child.

It is thought that Mr Williams also genuinely believes that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was written by some learned elders of Zion.