Canadian working in London irritates colleagues by getting into work on time

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A Canadian working in London has annoyed the rest of his colleagues by showing up to the office as normal this morning.

Lumberjack and trainee accountant Simon Williams, who is in London on temporary work placement from the Yukon, explained.

“When I got to the station this morning there were no trains, which was kind of weird, but I guess Southern must be changing their timetable or something.

“Luckily I was a bit early, so as it was such a mild Spring morning, I walked in.

“In my shirtsleeves,” he added.

Arriving at the office, Williams was surprised to find he was the only person there.

“I guessed they must all be in a meeting or something,” he said. “So I opened a few windows to let in the Spring air, and got down to work.

“Nobody arrived until some guy from IT staggered in about 11 a.m. looking self-righteous and announcing something about how he’d ‘made it.’

“When he saw me there he just looked really hacked off. No, I’ve still got no idea why.”

London-based colleagues of Mr Williams were unanimous in describing him as a “bastard” who was “trying to disrupt the traditional British way of life.”

They added, “The sooner he goes back home again the better.”