Everyone definitely ‘working from home’ despite record numbers of snowmen appearing on Facebook

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The ‘Beast from the East’ has made it necessary for record numbers of people in Britain to ‘work from home’, despite the fact that this has coincided with the appearance of huge numbers of elaborate snowmen on Facebook.

While a few hardy, promotion-seeking souls braved the icy conditions to get into work, the rest of Britain took the easy option of a lie-in, a few emails and then some fun in the snow.

Simon Williams, an office worker from Leeds, said, “As soon we heard the rumour last night that the kids’ school would be closed that was it, and we spent the rest of the evening discussing whether there would enough snowfall to create a whole menagerie of snow sculptures in our garden.

“It turns out there is. I’m supposed to be writing a project plan for moving our entire office from the second floor up to the third floor of our building, but instead, I’ve carved Liam Neeson’s character from The Grey out of snow – complete with broken miniatures bottles on the hands.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved on the company’s time I might bring it up at my appraisal.

“My wife is also ‘working from home’ and she has recreated the entire Mexican standoff from Reservoir Dogs out of snow. I’ve no idea where she got so many black suits. She’s clearly wasted as a receptionist.

Facebook confirmed that the term ‘Working at home snowman’ is now trending on the social media platform.

In response to the late winter blizzard most of Britain simply said, “Yeah! Snow!”