Jacob Rees-Mogg attends Black Panther screening in traditional African dress

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As Black Panther storms cinemas, Jacob Rees-Mogg has got into the spirit by attending a screening in traditional African dress.

Crowds have been attending the film in costume, and Mogg joined in the fun by dressing as an officer of the Kings African Rifles.

Mogg told reporters, “I’d heard about this new motion picture that celebrated African heritage, so felt it was the perfect opportunity for me to pay homage to one of the great moments in African history.

“I had my valet ensure my tunic was dry-cleaned, and that the brass buttons were polished sufficiently that I could see my face in them.

“Never let it be said I’m not proud of our former colonies, and what they’ve gone on to achieve in Hollywood.”

Two and a half hours later, Rees-Mogg was seen wandering from the cinema mumbling at no-one in particular, “Wakandans. Bloody hundreds of ’em.”