British Olympic Association pushes IOC for inclusion of Pancake Race

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The British Olympic Association has today submitted a formal proposal to the International Olympic Committee to recognise Pancake Racing as an official Olympic sport.

With Shrove Tuesday recognised across the country by people running around with a frying pan filled with a pancake, Team GB officials believe it could represent a great gold medal prospect in the post-Farah and Ennis period.

BOA official Simon Williams told us, “It might be too soon for it to be included in 2020, but I would like to think that by 2024 we could be standing at the top of the podium with a new British gold medalist.

“We Brits tend to excel at sports we invent, right up until another nation learns how to play them. So hopefully it would be year or two before anyone in the colonies learns to run with a pancake in hand.”

Potential competitor Emily Matthews told us, “I think I’d be quite good – but it does raise some questions.

“Is this going to be British or American style pancakes – weight and aerodynamics will make a big difference, obviously.”

The US Olympic team have said they would agree to not veto the British proposal, as long as they get British backing for their own Mardi Gras Olympic event which involves running around wearing four-hundred necklaces while pissed as a fart.