Angry cyclist spotted furiously chasing down car 300,000 miles from Earth

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A cyclist has been spotted furiously banging on the window of a vehicle and swearing at the driver 300,000 miles from earth.

The CCTV footage taken from the International Space Station shows the cyclist pursuing the vehicle for around 9 hours before making his feelings known to the driver.

The irate cyclist was on his way to work when he took exception to the driver’s relaxed attitude behind the wheel.

The cyclist, a 37-year-old digital marketing solutions manager, told us “Another fucking arrogant twat behind the wheel not checking his mirrors before take-off. Completely in a world of his own, without a care for anyone else within a quarter of a million miles of him.”

The cyclist became angry with the driver when he heard loud music coming from his vehicle on his morning commute.

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“I heard what seemed to be Space Oddity by David Bowie coming from a vehicle somewhere in Florida so I set-off in pursuit to let him know my feelings.

“I finally caught up to him around 300,000 miles from the Earth’s atmosphere. The arrogant twat was wearing a helmet and didn’t even have the guts to look me in the eye.”