Spice Girls tell followers that what they really REALLY want is some more money

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The Spice Girls have made it clear that what they want – what they really, really want – is for their respective bank accounts to look a little healthier.

The group met yesterday to discuss the possibility of a reunion before announcing to the joy of everyone emotionally stuck in the 1990s that they will be working on a number of projects over the forthcoming year or two.

“This is the news that all Spice Girls fans have been waiting for,” beamed manager Simon Williams.

“This is about giving something back to loyal fans, and has nothing at all to do with the divorces or financial difficulties of some of the band members.”

Self-confessed super fan Eleanor Gay could not contain her excitement, telling us, “This is the best news ever! Girl Power! Viva Forever!

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“Having said that, let’s hope there are no plans for a sequel to SpiceWorld. Even I can admit that would be a step too far.”