‘The Will of the People’ now just means doing what Jacob Rees-Mogg wants

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The noble principle of The Will of the People now just means doing whatever Jacob Rees-Mogg wants, a leaked report has confirmed.

Government studies into what the Will of the People means have been classified until now, but were leaked to NewsThump overnight – leading to the discovery that they’d just been asking the MP for North-East Somerset whenever they needed anything clarifying.

Whenever the Will of the People is challenged, Jacob gives an interview to tell people precisely what it is,” we were told.

“Making us consistently poorer? Will of the people. Wearing a nice tan brogue buffed to a lovely shine? Will of the people. Practising with the longbow for two hours every Sunday after church? Will of the people.

“It’s odd that Walter the Softy out of the Beano has become the popular tribune, but there you go.”

Rees-Mogg has been asked to comment on the leak, and is expected to finish his first sentence sometime tomorrow morning.