Aunty still has French flag filter on Facebook profile picture

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Your middle-aged aunt still has the French flag filter on her Facebook profile picture, despite being over two years since the Paris attacks that lead the to Tri-colour overlay as an act of solidarity with the French.

No single cause appears to be behind the phenomenon, Social Media analyst, Simon Williams explained.

He went on, “We’ve identified several potential causes for these many Aunts who are deliberately keeping the French filter – it might be because they genuinely really like France, or that they really like Wine.”

“Most Aunts simply don’t know how to change it, having clicked a button two years ago without really knowing what it did.

“Ever since they pressed it, they’ve had a slightly blurry selfie of her and her husband looking a little confused by the camera, overlaid with a transparent red, white and blue flag – and they have literally no idea how to make it go away.

“But given that they only use Facebook to share memes about which girls who are going to get pregnant this year, and to copy and paste meaningless statements about mental health from other aunty’s walls, they’re not that bothered.”

The research showed that aunties aren’t the only ones with outdated Facebook filters and frames, however.

That bloke you know who claims to be Welsh still has an ‘I AM WALES’ frame on his, even though there is no International Rugby on at the moment, and your slightly-racist co-worker still has ‘BREXIT NOW’ on their cover photo, just above all those articles from the Mail Online.