Piers Morgan hoping to secure second date with Donald Trump

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After the footage of their first date was aired yesterday to the horror or millions, Piers Morgan has confidently asserted that he is expecting a call to arrange a second date soon.

“Well I thought it went really smoothly, and there was definitely a spark there,” he told us this morning.

“I must admit to having been nervous – this is the most powerful man in the world and a very handsome one at that – but I think I managed not to let my nerves show too much.

“And having watched the footage back several times, I think I can confidently say that he reciprocated the cheeky flirting at certain points during our evening.

“I think we could have quite a future together.”

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Simon Williams, a spokesperson for Channel 4, responded to the ITV show yesterday by saying, “I don’t think First Dates is under threat from this competition.

“It was pretty much the worst episode of First Dates imaginable, so I’m glad we weren’t involved in any way.”