Donald Trump’s biggest critic now his own 2013 Twitter account

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Donald Trump’s 2013 Twitter account has launched a stinging attack on 2018 Donald Trump for allowing the government shutdown.

Displaying remarkable prescience, 2013 Trump said that the failure to reach a deal on the US budget was the fault of the President who is, in an incredible coincidence, himself.

Taking to Twitter, 2013 Trump rebuked the President, saying that such an epic failure was always the fault of the Commander-in-Chief – the guy at the top has to take the blame.

Past Trump followed this up with an interview with Fox & Friends saying that the guy at the top – in this case, himself – should definitely be fired.

”If that guy worked for me and couldn’t make this deal he’d be out that door,” the man who would later fail to make that deal explained.

“The blame always lies with the most senior guy – me. What sort of sad loser can’t make a deal like this?

“I tell you, if I was President and not this future version of myself, this would not have happened, not on my watch. I’m a deal maker and I get things done.”

However, when told of his own criticism of himself, 2018 Trump said his 2013 self was clearly a loser and should shut the hell up.

He went on, “That guy, a lot of people are saying he should be in prison. A lot of people. I don’t know, maybe he should.

”But I’ll say this. If my 2013 self had been put in prison, he wouldn’t be criticising my performance as President now, that’s for damn sure.”

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