Drivers who don’t acknowledge you for giving way to them are worse than terrorists, finds study

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A new study has found that terrorists are more likeable than drivers that fail to acknowledge you after you’ve pulled in to let them pass on a narrow road.

The research spoke to several thousand drivers, who all agreed that failing to so much as raise a hand at a driver who has pulled over slightly to make it easier for you to pass is literally worse than blowing yourself up in a packed marketplace.

Research participant Simon Williams told us, “Look, I’m willing to give everyone on the road the benefit of the doubt, but if I’ve pulled in half behind a parked car just so it’s easier for you to get past in the opposite direction, and then you don’t make eye-contact with me, or raise your hand in some sort of ‘thank you’ gesture, then trust me, I will pray every day for the eternal damnation of your soul.

“Look, I get it – the parked car was on my side, so it’s my responsibility to pull in behind it – and yes, I realise there wasn’t anything for you to actually give way behind coming from your direction, but that is simply not the point.

“I still did it, and in my mind, that is an altruistic gesture of Mother Theresa-like magnitude. I deserve some sort of reward, frankly, but a thank-you is the absolute bare minimum.”

Other road users have backed Williams position, but some insisted that receiving a wave also tells you something about the driver.

Williams added, “Yes, clearly that’s also true. Receiving a full wave of thanks is clearly a sign that someone could be your best friend forever, and it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling for about an hour.”

However, Audi owner Trevor Matthews claimed not to understand the question.

He told us, “I’m sorry, what, precisely, does the phrase ‘give way to others’ mean?”