NewsThump nominated for Donald Trump’s inaugural Fake News Awards

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NewsThump Needs Your Help

NewsThump is leading the nominations in President Trump’s inaugural ‘Fake News’ awards, according to reports today.

The site, which readers say publishes reality rather more often than The Independent or The Canary, came to the President’s attention when it ridiculed the size of his hands – a joke other, lesser sites missed except for all the times they didn’t.

NewsThump is nominated in three categories, those being ‘Most Repeats of a Single Joke’, ‘Most Obvious Take On This Morning’s Headlines’, and ‘Most People Upset by a Diane Abbott Joke’.

Managing Editor Simon Williams said he was ‘Bigly Pleased’ to receive his invitation to the glitzy awards ceremony and hoped the prizes would be worth more than a few clicks are these days.

“The President is always going on about how rich he is, so hopefully he can afford some really snazzy prizes; maybe something made of gold, like a shower. We know he’s a fan of such things,” he told us.

NewsThump Hoodies

“Either way, we should do OK out of it. At the Oscars, even the attendees who don’t win anything get great big goody bags full of valuable but gaudy tat, and we’re hoping for the same.

“To be honest, a lifetime supply of Just for Men and a Happy Meal would be great; it’s certainly more than this gig usually pays, I can tell you that much.”

When he was told that NewsThump had publicly claimed to be nominated for several of his new awards, President Trump described it as ‘Fake News’.