YouTuber Logan Paul finds metaphor for rest of his career

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A YouTube video logger has come under fire for filming a dead body representing his career going forward.

Logan Paul, a YouTube star famous for <research this after lunch> and formerly best known for <this too>, found the dead body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan and decided it would be fine film it and pop it on the Internet.

“No, most normal socially aware people wouldn’t do something like that, but then most people don’t live and die by YouTube viewer metrics,” said social media expert and utter waste of a media degree, Simon Williams.

“Not putting up a video of a dead body isn’t usually a lesson any of us have to learn, but Logan Paul is learning this incredibly obvious lesson the hard way.

“The body of this unfortunate Japanese citizen appropriately frames the end of his career.

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“It’s a shame for him, and I suppose for anyone who might consider themselves a ‘fan’ of his. I’ll miss seeing him talk about the things he famously talked about and doing the things he famously did, neither of which I’ll bore you with now, even though I definitely know what they are.”

Young person who understands this kind of fuckery, Jay Cooper, said, “I don’t think any of you understand my generation.

“We’re fairly numb to things like corpses, so Logan Paul is unlikely to lose his core audience who will continue to enjoy the things he does, which I could explain but you wouldn’t understand so I won’t.”