Anger towards rail companies rises by average of 100%

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Experts have today estimated that negative commuter emotions towards rail companies risen by an average of 100% nationwide today, a rise of over 50% more than the anger felt towards rail companies at the start of 2017.

It is believed that the increase in rail rage is linked to a number of factors, such as service improvements inevitably leading to delays or cancellations, commuters increasingly having to stand for an entire journey, and in the case of Southern Rail, commuters having never actually seen a train pull into the station on time, or in some cases at all.

Daily commuter and platform lingerer Simon Williams reacted to the news saying “Well I’m certainly twice as angry as I was last year. Why can’t they just let our simmering rage towards them stay at the same level every year?

“I have so many demands upon my resentment these days – my mortgage lender, my boss, my bank manager, and in addition all the experts believe Brexit will cause me extra exasperation in my day to day life. The list is endless, and I’m not made of indignation, am I?”

He continued, “And yet I am further angered every year by the rail companies of all people. I just don’t know if I can afford to invest any more fury in my morning commute than I do at the moment.”

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Transport experts predict that despite the reaction to today’s news, most rail commuters will find enough outrage within themselves to continue using the rail companies to commute, as by comparison the will have fewer demands on their emotions than the blind fury of attempting to commute to work by car.