Poll of end of year polls decides the best end of year poll of the year

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The results of a poll of the best end of year polls of the year will be announced later today.

The Empire poll of the year is expected to be named as the best end of year poll in a poll of all the end of year polls.

“It’s simply a very good end of year poll,” send end of year poll expert Simon Williams.

“It lists its items according to rank over a series of pages culminating in the item that the contributors deem most worthy of being top of the poll. I just can’t get enough of it.”

There has been criticism that the poll of end of year polls only takes into account the most popular and mainstream end of year polls and that it has become a popularity contest rather than a true indicator of the best end of year poll.

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“It’s a valid criticism,” said Mr Williams.

“There have been some splendid end of year polls; ‘Horse and Hound’ ran two terrific end of year polls, best horse and best hound.

“‘Modern Dentistry’s end of year poll of favourite teeth was riveting.

“And The Star’s top boobs of the year was tremendously arresting.

“But I think that, if the Empire end of year poll does win, it will be a fair result.

Interestingly, Rolling Stone was deemed an early favourite to top the Poll of end of year polls, but was disqualified for being ‘too mental’ after including a U2 album at number 3 in its Album of the year poll.