Royston Vasey documentary a reminder of when Britain was great, insist Brexiters

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Royston Vasey is a perfect example of how Britain will flourish post-Brexit, triumphal Brexiters have claimed.

Leave voters were delighted to discover the values they cherish were alive and well in this Yorkshire town after stumbling across a BBC documentary called The League off Gentlemen last night.

“It was like stepping back to a time when Britain was truly great,” said viewer David Smythe-Mutton.

“Everywhere you looked there were happy, smiling white faces, and not an immigrant in sight.

“Everyone knew everyone else, spoke English and, most important of all, the strong economy was propped up by businesses that were all locally-owned.”

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While proud Brits championed the charming town’s sense of community and strong Christian values, some believed there was still some work to do before the town was the finished article.

“There were many things to admire about the place, it’s not every day the dole scum know their place in society or you manage to get an appointment with the charming vet,” added TV addict Marjorie Clemington-Jones.

“But I did see one man who had a suspicious German accent and the taxi driver appeared to be one of those non-binaries you read about.

“I think I’d have to use an Uber.”