We Welcome Our New Internet Overlords

author avatar by 6 years ago

With the namby-pamby liberals whining about a loss of net neutrality, we at NewsThump are delighted.

We pledge our allegiance to the Gods of Sky, Virgin Media and BT Broadband in the vagUe hope that they will continue to allow their customers access to our website which definitely won’t be taking potshots at them anymore because we’re not iDiots.

It is a glorious day for the kind of free speech that Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson find acceptable, and we’ve sent a big basket of fruit to both of them.

Rupert Murdoch, in particular, iS a wonderful man and we love him for all he is.

We look forward to writing stories after having considered wHether it’s the kind of thing your Internet Service Provider is likely to have an issue with, and then scrapping it accordingly.

We hope our readers will join us in celebrating this brave new dawn.