Ham-faced angry men still angry and ham-faced

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Following scenes from last night’s edition of Question Time, it is apparent that ham-faced angry men are still angry about things and still have faces the colour and texture of joints of ham.

Ham-faced angry men first appeared during audience participation events in the run-up to the EU referendum, shouting incoherently and looking worried near meat slicers.

“The ham-faced angry man is a fascinating modern political phenomenon,” said political commentator Eleanor Gay.

“They are clearly very, very angry, but it is unclear about what they are angry due to their incredible incoherence. It could simply be that they are unhappy at having faces like ham.”

Actual ham-faced angry man Henry Williams was angry.

“I’m very angry,” he shouted, angrily pointing.

After thirty minutes of incoherent ranting, he was able to explain the cause of his anger in as close to a coherent manner as he is able.

“Not doing Brexit, even though I voted for it. It should be done now. It should have been done the day after the referendum or even before it, because everyone knew how they were going to vote so if they’d just asked us then they could have done Brexit before we’d even voted for it.

“But they don’t ask us, though, they never do.

“And the coloureds. I don’t like them.”

Love them or hate them, it seems clear that ham-faced angry men are here to stay and wherever there is a chance of intelligent debate, they will be ready to put a stop to that with their trademark shouting, pointing and thinly-veiled racism.