Theresa May cries on camera before setting up GoFundMe for Brexit

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Theresa May has been taking tips from Keaton Jones.

The Prime Minister saw the extraordinary outpouring of love that had arisen following the video of Keaton Jones, a distressed child who had been bullied at school; and has subsequently seen a GoFundMe page raise $60k for Keaton in short order. The page was set up by someone unconnected to the family (nice save- ed).

“It’s just so horrible being a Brexit Prime Minister,” wept May, sobbing in the back of a mid-range saloon while someone filmed her on their phone.

“Just because I’m different and I’m determined to take Britain back to the 1970s, flying in the face of everything I’ve previously said and everything said by anyone with a brain ever, people have decided to be really mean to me.

“People shouldn’t bully people for that, or even question them, which is basically the same as bullying. Yes it is, shut up.”

Twitter user, Jay Cooper, said, “I went and had a look at the GoFundMe page, just for a giggle.

“I was surprised to learn that it has raised £12.50 so far, a donation which came from a Mr D.Davis. He also left the comment ‘good luck Theresa, so brave of you to be doing this all on your own!’.

“For some reason, a crying Prime Minister seeking to march Britain straight into a period of economic fuckery hasn’t quite captured people’s hearts in the same way a sweet little boy with a racist mother has.

“People are weird that way.”