Poor weather leaves Manchester United home fans unable to return to London

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Manchester United’s fans have been left stranded in Manchester.

The Red Devils played host to a narrow 2-1 defeat at the hands of Manchester City over the weekend, with Manchester United’s fanbase making the journey from anywhere other than Manchester.

“I’m Man United until I die, but I really don’t want to be stuck here,” sighed Croydon resident, Simon Williams.

“I got to see my beloved team get narrowly beaten, which was a shame, and now I’m stuck in a Premier Inn in the middle of Manchester, which is just tragic.

“If the board of directors had any sympathy, they’d move Old Trafford to north London and have done with it.

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“Do you know of anywhere around here that can provide a hot, nourishing meal that isn’t served in a mug? Money is no object. I paid £60 for this replica shirt, after all.”

Manchester resident, Jay Cooper, said, “the United fans are easy to spot. They’re the ones wearing coats.”