Shock as bigoted fuckwit retweets thoughts of other bigoted fuckwits

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Donald Trump has retweeted the dunder-headed thoughts of Britain First because of course he did.

In a turn of events that has been incorrectly described as “shocking”, the President of the United States who won an election on a ticket of xenophobia retweeted some Islamophobic witterings direct from the fascist nightmare that is Jayda Fransen’s mind.

“It’s not the sort of behaviour I would expect from a sitting US President, but it’s absolutely what I’d expect from Trump,” shrugged journalist, Jay Cooper.

“Of all the things he’s ever done, this ranks somewhere in the middle. It will make page 12 if we’re lucky.

“I’m not sure why you look surprised. ‘Racist retweets racist’ isn’t going to make me shout ‘hold the front page’ any time soon.”

Trump supporter, Chuck Williams, said “Both Trump and Britain First are simply sharing what we’re all thinking, and by ‘we all’, I mean people who are exactly like me, which I’ve decided everyone is. So it’s fine. Shut up.”

After hearing that Trump had retweeted Jayda Fransen, Britain First supporter, Tom Bobbins, said something that was both stupid and wrong.