Britain First deny links to extremist Donald Trump

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Britain First has moved to distance themselves from the extremist group known as the US Presidency after he appeared to endorse them today.

The dangerously unpredictable and volatile Twitter account shared content from Britain First, who are described as ‘reasonable, honest and moderate’ in comparison to the President of the United States.

The account is notorious for using brightly-coloured clickbait and inflammatory statements to generate traffic and Britain First rejected any suggestion they would be associated with such practices, or the dangerous extremists who run it.

The group went on to insist they would never engage in peddling the sort of hate-speech which has gained Trump online notoriety, and consider him a desperate attention seeker who lacks credibility or supporting evidence for many of his claims.

In a statement, Britain First said: “We REJeckt anny suggesten taht we am is linked to donneld TRUMP¬!!!”

“hE ar is an dishonnist sharletan who are am tryign to ster up HATRID and divission throo underhand TAKTIKS!!1one11”

“Britten feRSt is an legitermate organersatien wot am are is not assosyated with the PRESERDENT of AMERICA wich is a forrin country and so canot be TRUSTED.!.!”, whatever that may mean.

When asked why he shared the content, Trump replied that he was bored and just wanted to fuck with people for a bit.