Theresa May meets EU business leaders to start circulating CV

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Sensing her impending demise as PM Theresa May has made an impromptu trip to meet with EU Business leaders, to network and circulate her latest CV.

When questioned on the nature of her trip to Brussels Theresa May said that there was nothing unusual about a serving Prime Minister with 4 years left in office starting to circulate her CV to potential future employers, insisting that her position as the nation’s leader is not under threat and that she will continue to provide “strong and stable” leadership.

Business leaders are understood to be concerned about some of the PMs past exploits, such as her history of running through corn fields and somewhat chaotic management strategy.

Whilst most ex PMs spend their days giving speeches for £100,000 an hour, Theresa May is aware this isn’t an option for her as she would have to pay people to listen to here speak following the conservative party conference.

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