MPs welcome clarification that vacations cant be used for state espionage

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Priti Patel returned to work this week positively glowing after what she described as a “wonderful family holiday in Israel”.

She went on, “The hotel was delightful. I spent my days site seeing, eating delicious food and brokering covert deals to channel British aid money to the occupying Israeli army.”

She has since been rebuked and informed that MPs can’t practice espionage, even if they are on vacation.

An unnamed Labour frontbencher who had just returned from a vacation in Russia sharing sensitive Trident information with old friends (comrades), welcomed the clarification.

However, others were less impressed.

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It is thought to have been a factor in Michael Fallon’s recent resignation, with a source quoting him as saying “First they stop us fiddling our expenses, then they stop us fiddling our secretary’s and now we can’t even practice espionage in our free time.

“I simply don’t know how they expect to recruit the brightest minds into politics when they continue to treat us this way.”

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