Furious MPs demand to know why people are obeying the tax laws which they wrote

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The news is full of Members of Parliament outraged by people obeying the tax laws they wrote today.

As part of an ongoing investigation, MPs have convened an urgent meeting of the Public Accounts Committee to investigate why members of the public have been complying fully with the law.

The Committee described it as ‘worrying’ and ‘inexplicable’ that anyone should abide by their obligations to a legal system they introduced.

The Committee is expected to ask a series of searching questions in an attempt to get to the bottom of why people are complying with the tax code they created, and whether they thought everyone else would be happy to learn they were doing precisely what is required of them by the law.

“Obviously people should pay more tax than the laws we wrote demand of them,” said Labour MP Meg Hillier, who chairs the committee.

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“If we had ever had a Labour government I can tell you we would have tightened these loopholes up and had far more stringent enforcement.

“What’s that you say? Oh.”

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