Mrs Brown’s Boys accused of defrauding the public after claiming to be a comedy

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Stars of Mrs Brown’s Boys are accused of defrauding the public by dodging humour for almost a decade, according to papers released today.

The leaked papers suggest that the show is no laughing matter, and nor is their tax avoidance.

“We think they must have moved the jokes offshore because they sure as hell weren’t using them here,” said Inspector Simon Williams of HMRC (Her Majesty’s Regulator of Comedy).

“In order to qualify for a comedy deferment you have to be a comedy in the first place, and no evidence has been submitted to support that claim in this case.

“Instead, we don’t believe this programme has paid its dues in many years, if ever, and instead relied on the goodwill of the British public not to examine their affairs too closely.

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“We take joke-dodging very seriously in our department because if you’re going to avoid taxes on your earnings we expect you to at least make some in the first place.”

The case is similar to that of Jimmy Carr several years ago, who spent years claiming to be a comedian but was later revealed to just be smirking whilst saying rude things.