Man having third child in five years insists there are too many people in the world

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Speaking at the Tusk animal conservation charity gala, William, Duke of Cambridge, notified the attendees that the growing population was a major threat to the remaining big game species which had alluded his ancestors on their glorious hunting trips of old.

William told those gathered, “Sadly my wife cannot be here today, or on many of our public appearances over the last few years due to her constant state of pregnancy.

“But if she were here, I am sure she would join me in saying that overpopulation the single greatest threat to our planet’s wildlife.”

When pushed by a reporter as to whether he felt he had a role to play in such overpopulation, William responded, “Yes we certainly do.

“It is for Kate and myself to ensure that when our many children are grown up and touring our old colonies, that they will work to persuade these poorer people that having lots of children is not in our best interest.

Williams also said he was teaching his children to value nature, and the natural world around them.

He concluded, “I already take George on tours of the royal trophy cabinet, so he can point out all the endangered species mounted on the walls.”