Berwick estate agents delighted by plans to increase Scottish tax rates

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SNP Activists and Berwick-on-Tweed estate agents are competing over who is more delighted by plans to increase the top rate of tax in Scotland today.

The SNP revealed the plan in a press conference this morning leading to celebrations amongst their most committed supporters, namely estate agents in towns along East Coast mainline and the Tweedbank line.

“This is a great idea which will substantially increase our revenues,” said both a spokesman for the Scottish government and Berwick estate agent Simon Williams, who has a large development of desirable residences ready to go near the station in Alnmouth.

“Most people in Scotland’s top tax bracket live in the central belt making it easy for us to identify and directly contact them from our base of operations,” they both added in perfect unison.

“And once they know about the new measures, we’re sure they will do the right thing,” the spokesman and Mr Williams added to the sound of popping champagne corks.

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“We’re thinking of opening a dedicated office in Edinburgh, to make it easier for locals to pop in and talk to us about the new arrangements at their convenience,” both told us.