Big void at centre of Pyramid revealed to be a Starbucks

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There is a Starbucks at the centre of the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Scientists made the discovery yesterday, after drones they had deployed returned from the inside of the pyramid with a pumpkin spice latte, a mocha frappe and a danish pastry.

“We’re a bit surprised, but then Starbucks are bloody everywhere,” confirmed Dr Elizabeth King, of the expedition.

“They’ve got the red festive cups in, which is a surprise, you’d expect a more remote outlet like this to lag behind.

“We’re still not quite sure how the coffee has been made…it’s either a robot, a mummy, or the unluckiest barista in the world.”

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Unluckiest barista in the world, Simon Williams, said, “Please help me.

“I’ve been here making coffee since the reign of Rameses II. Those three items I just sent out represent the busiest period I’ve had in nearly 800 years.

“I don’t know why the aliens that built this thing bothered with a Starbucks. There’s a pop-up Starbucks in the visitor centre anyway.”

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