Liam still favourite to win Great British Bake Off in viewers’ imaginations

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With the final episode of The Great British Bake Off looming, viewers are confident that Liam will be crowned champion of the series, in their minds anyway.

Youngest contestant and cheeky chappy Liam was dismissed at the quarter-final stage, despite baking a tasty clanger and seeing another contestant literally drop hers on the floor.

With the semi-final having aired last night, many viewers are reported to have simply just pretended that the 19-year-old from Hackney was still in the competition.

“Last night’s episode was a really interesting one, which saw the bakers face some tough patisserie-style tasks,” Eleanor Gay, a Bake Off addict from Canterbury, told us.

“During each task, I was trying to imagine what Liam would be doing. A sort of ‘What Would Liam Bake’, if you like.

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“I reckon his choux buns would have been delicious – or ‘proper sick’, as he would say – and would have almost certainly secured him a coveted handshake from Paul Hollywood.

“And for the showstopper challenge, his meringue would doubtless have been a traditional idea with a cheeky twist or a surprising flavour inspired by his gran, or something like that.”

She added, “So going into the final next week, I’m pretty sure that Liam will be crowned champion, based on everything he has done so far. Well, in my head anyway.”

Liam was unavailable for comment, but a source close to the now famous baker told us, “Liam is just happy to have taken part in the series and wishes all the finalists the best of luck, and is looking forward to congratulating either Steven or Sophie on winning the final.”