Woman receives Internet rape threats because men are f*cking dreadful

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A woman on the internet has revealed she suffered a number of rape threats because men are fucking dreadful.

Initially, it had been thought that the woman had received the rape threats because she posed for a picture exposing hairy legs, or questioned some attitudes in the gaming industry, or was a prominent historian, or was a journalist who wrote an article in a national paper or was just an average woman with a picture on the Internet, but all of these initial assumptions have proven incorrect and that the cause of the rape threats has been categorically established as fucking dreadful men sending rape threats.

Curiously, many men who send rape threats don’t realise that they are fucking dreadful and many lead normal lives and appear to most people as if they are not actually fucking dreadful.

Some of them even do nice things, such as donating money to charity or helping out at a day-centre, however, this does not negate their underlying nature of being fucking dreadful.

It is widely thought that all rape threats would stop if fucking dreadful men took a moment to reflect that they were being fucking dreadful and that they could actually stop being fucking dreadful by simply making an effort to not be fucking dreadful.

Sadly, it would appear not being fucking dreadful continues to be beyond a large number of men.