“We must love each other; even Muslims, Mexicans and black athletes,” says Trump

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Donald Trump has evidently had some kind of Muppet’s Christmas Carol episode.

The former king of ill-informed, populist bile against Mexicans, Muslims, black sports players, Puerto Rican mayors, Gold Star Families, the Clintons and prisoners of war has now said we should all be nice to each other just like he wasn’t.

“Either the Vegas shooting gave him some kind of perspective on the value of life or he was visited by three ghosts in the night,” said political commentator, Simon Williams.

“Or he’s just saying the kind of fluffy bollocks that any President incapable of addressing big issues like gun control might come out with, but I doubt it’s that.”

A spokesperson for President Trump said, “The President is more than happy to put on his big-boy pants and talk about gun control.

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“Not right now though. Right now he’d like you to join him in a chorus of All You Need Is Love and listen for the sound of John Lennon spinning in his grave.

“That should sort everything out.”

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