Saudi Arabia ‘definitely great for ladies now they’re allowed to drive’

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The women of Saudi Arabia are modestly partying like it’s 1909.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salaman decreed that women would be given the right to drive, bringing women’s rights in Saudi Arabia nearly in line with those of an Irish Catholic woman from the year 1902.

“Apart from the veils, they’re staying, obvs,” commented Saudi Arabian government spokesperson, Salman Williams.

“But yeah, we’re going to let the ladies have a go in the cars. It’s quite the revolution for us in terms of human rights.

“Honestly, the feminist mood the king is in right now, he might not have any rape victims imprisoned this week at all. It’s mental.”

Saudi Arabian women welcomed the news.

“Well, good, I suppose,” commented a local Saudi Arabian woman, who chose to remain anonymous for some reason.

“I suppose driving will be useful to get to the job that a man has decided I’m allowed to have, or to do any other travelling that has been legally approved by a man.

“And if a man crashes into the back of me, he can tell the police it was my fault and his testimony will be worth twice what mine is.

“But yay, girl power.”