Elderly rich white expat shocks nation by coming out in support of Brexit

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77-year-old former Beatle Ringo Starr has come out in support of Brexit, finally putting an end to the belief that all elderly rich white men voted the same way.

Ringo said that although he no longer lives in the UK, and didn’t vote in the EU referendum, he thought Brexit was a terrific idea and he was enjoying watching it develop from his home in the United States.

“I’m sick of people saying rich old white men that don’t live in the UK anymore all have the same political opinions,” the former Beatle explained.

“As such, I want you all to know that I would have voted to Leave – which I’m sure is a big surprise to a lot of you.

Starr then went on to explain why he thought leaving the EU was a good thing for the people of Britain.

“You have to remember that being an old, white, rich man who lives in the United States gives me a unique insight into what’s best for the people of a country I no longer live in.

“I don’t get caught up in the day to day minutiae of what affects people’s lives, so I can look at the bigger picture. And if history has taught us anything, it’s that old rich white men usually know best.

“Especially when they’re not directly affected by the decisions they make. It means we, as men unburdened by the threat of negative consequences, can take the sort of risks other people wouldn’t be willing to take.

“You’re welcome.”