Conor McGregor backs down from the challenge of sorting out Brexit talks

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The man who prides himself on never backing down from a challenge has rejected official requests to act as a mediator in the chaotic Brexit negotiations between the EU and Great Britain.

At the weekend Conor McGregor will become part of boxing history when he fights in the world’s richest ever bout, against Floyd Mayweather, but even he despairs of the current state of discussions over Brexit, and says there is so much animosity between the two sides the negotiations are doomed.

“I thought the trash talk between Mayweather and me was getting a little out of hand. But Barnier and Johnson have been taking things up to a whole new level,” McGregor declared.

“I’ve felt myself go beetroot red with embarrassment at some of the insults they’ve traded.

“Come on guys; it’s time to act like grown men. I absolutely love beating the odds and defying everyone who thinks something is a lost cause. But honestly, when they asked me to mediate the Brexit talks I knew straight away to keep well clear.”

McGregor added that after his fight with Mayweather he intended taking on another exciting challenge.

“I’m going to ride a unicycle blindfold on a tightrope across the Niagara Falls with five sacks of coal strapped to my back. Believe me; it’ll be a cakewalk compared to the Brexit thing.”