ASDA bag misprint sees thousands of UKIP supporters planning to move to the ‘Isle of White’

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A spelling mistake on thousands of ASDA bags for life has led hordes of UKIP voters to make plans to sell up and move down south.

The supermarket giant, owned by American retailer WalMart, launched a range of bags for life to celebrate the opening of a new ASDA store on the Isle of Wight, but in a somewhat Freudian slip scribed ‘Isle of White’ on the design, causing confusion amongst single-brain-celled racists on the mainland.

Lifelong UKIP voter and utter bellend Simon Williams told us, “Living up in Yorkshire, I’ve never been further south than a petrol station just outside of Derby, but when I saw a drawing of an island called the Isle of White, well it sounded too good to resist.

“Just imagine – an island surrounded by deep water, far from the reaches of the politically correct metropolitan elite, where us true English people can live in peace, far from the threat of a culturally diverse society.


Isle of Wight resident Eleanor Gay told us, “ASDA may have spelt it wrong, but sadly it’s not far from the truth.

“Most of the people over a certain age that actually live here look like the shouty Brexit voter on every episode of Question Time.”