Fiendish new Remoaner plan to prevent Brexit is to let Brexit supporters try to implement Brexit

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The latest diabolical plan by traitorous Remoaners trying to prevent Brexit from happening is to let Brexit supporters try to implement Brexit.

The bearded elites with their fancy coffee who would seek to suppress the will of honest British racists have already tried numerous plans to make Great Britain a suburb of Brussels, including coherent economic arguments and not lying about immigration, but this latest strategy is their most devilish yet.

“Is there no depths these bally Remoaner chaps won’t sink to,” said Brigadier Simon Williams of Wessex.

“The proles voted for Brexit and so we should have Brexit, but letting the sort of people who think Brexit is a good idea try to implement Brexit will be a disaster for Brexit.

“We need to crush these bally saboteurs and bring back hanging and send them all back to Communist Russia if they bally well like it so much.”

Eleanor Gay is the sort of vile enemy within who’d have us all speaking French and wearing berets if she had her way.

She told us, “I don’t know what we were all so worried about. David Davis, Liam Fox and Theresa May all trying to implement Brexit? They can barely implement putting their socks on in the morning. It’ll never happen.”

It is thought that Brexit supporters will counter the latest tactic from Remain supporters in the same way they’ve countered all tactics from Remain supporters, by being unpleasant to Muslims.

That’ll show them.

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