Vigils held and concerts planned to protest Martin Shkreli guilty verdict

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All over the world, people have put a single lit candle in their window or joined silent marches in solidarity with the man affectionately dubbed “Pharma Bro”.

Many see the guilty verdict of the beloved philanthropist as a symbol of a broken judicial system.

Several artists have said they will join a concert in Madison Square Garden in support of New York’s favourite son.

Sir Bob Dylan himself is said to be rewriting his legendary protest song ‘Hurricane’ that he wrote to highlight another miscarriage of justice.

Popular hip-hop artist Method Man, whose band the Wu Tang Clan was supported by Martin Shkreli, said he believed the trial was a set-up.

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He told reporters, “Marty was all about giving. All he wanted to do is make AIDS victims feel like they could be part of society and not be patronised by special discounted drug prices.

“And it’s that pure hearted gesture that painted a target on his back for the government.”

Fans in the UK have also started a petition to get the Foreign Office to put pressure on the US to free Mr Shkreli.

The creator of the ‘Pharma Bro Legend’ Facebook Group, Simon Williams, said that he intended to start a protest campaign on UK campuses until his hero was exonerated.

He explained, “Martin showed us what we could become our noblest ambitions.

“He taught us that business success did not have to involve moral compromises. Martin may be facing jail, but in a way, he is freer than we can ever be.”