After successful rally Trump calls for Boy Scouts of America to be renamed ‘Trump Youth’

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Donald Trump has announced his intention to rename the Boy Scouts of America ‘Trump Youth’ after a tremendously well-received rally yesterday.

Taking a break from tweeting and watching Fox News, President Trump addressed 40,000 scouts in West Virginia yesterday and has been keen to stress how delighted the crowds were with his views on fake media, Hillary Clinton and a party that he went to once back in the 1980’s.

“Remarkable young people, aren’t they terrific?” he gushed as he left the stage to a mixture of cheers, jeers and boos.

“I just have the gift when it comes to communicating with people, to educate them, inform them, you know, and sometimes – depending on the situation, not that it matters in the case, although perhaps it does if you know what I mean because FAKE MEDIA can report incorrectly – be very very succinct, not like Obama, who made no sense, bigly.

“Anyway, they loved it, and a lot of them said to me, you know Mr Trump, we want to be called Trump Youth.

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“So I will make that happen, believe me.”

Boy scout Damon Williams responded “What? No-one said that.

“I like to think I’m pretty prepared for anything – after all, that is what being a boy scout is all about – but I got lost somewhere between Trump ranting about fake news, and him going on about the difference between a swamp and a sewer.

“Is this guy actually the President? Or was this a test of our ability to sit through an hour of the ravings of a madman? In which case, when will we get the badge for that, because I think we all deserve one.”

The change in name is expected to take place just as soon as all the scouts have agreed to dye their hair blonde.