Donald Trump Jnr to win Pulitzer for publishing damning exposé of Donald Trump Jnr’s Russian collusion

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Donald Trump Jnr is set to win a Pulitzer for his online exposé of Donald Trump Jnr’s collusion with Russian representatives to influence the election in Donald Trump’s favour.

Despite a number of journalists working on the story for many months, Trump Jnr secured the scoop by breaking the story ahead of everyone and publishing the damning evidence of Trump Jnr’s collusion with Russian officials.

Trump Jnr released copies of emails he had acquired from his own inbox, showing that Trump Jnr took a meeting with a Russian operative who claimed to want to help the Trump campaign by providing information about Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

As one media analyst told us, “This is an incredible story, just incredible, and one that Trump Jnr should be widely applauded for breaking.

“He even put it out there on Twitter rather than behind some paywall to ensure everyone could see just how badly Trump Jnr broke the rules.

“I mean, foreign powers seeking to influence an election is illegal, so these emails could prove to be a smoking gun – and if Donald Trump Jnr goes down for this, I can see Donald Trump Jnr’s name being right up there with Woodward and Bernstein.”

The Trump administration has denied the story, insisting that Trump Jnr is fake news, with Donald Trump Jnr telling reporter, “This is just more mainstream media scaremongering by Trump Jnr, there is nothing to see here, unless there is, in which case I would point out that it wasn’t illegal, unless it was, in which case it doesn’t matter because it was morally ok, unless it wasn’t, in which case it doesn’t matter because we won.”