Donald Trump Jnr reveals email chain with dying Nigerian Prince

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Donald Trump Jnr has revealed an email chain that shows he had contact with a dying Nigerian Prince who needed help transferring his fortune out of Nigeria.

The chain begins with the Prince greeting ‘Mr Trumpton of America,’ and goes on to say that he has amassed a fortune of ’25 billion trillion dollars,’ but he is dying and ‘evil forces’ are trying to take control of the money and if he could just transfer it into a US bank account, he could then get it to his son; the true heir to the fortune ‘which definitely exists.’

The chain shows Mr Trump Jnr responding immediately.

“Dear Your Majesty of Nigeria,” says Mr Trump.

“I am sad at you dying. I would be sad if I was dying too. I will help. Here is all my bank account numbers. Please put your money in here and I will give it to your son. I promise. I really will. Love from Donald Trump Jnr.”

Also included is a copy of the email he forwarded to his brother-in-law Jared Kushner.

“Hi Jared. How are you. Get a load of this Prince. What a loser. I will probably keep all the money and build a big hotel like Dad and then he won’t laugh at me and call me stupid.”

Also revealed were computer records that show Mr Trump Jnr agreed to buy the Eiffel Tower for a million dollars, that he responded to speculative penis enlargement spam, and that he accepted a friend request from Jayden K Smith.