EU Brexit team absolutely delighted to see Tories out-negotiated by DUP for a billion quid

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Brexit negotiators inside the EU could not be happier to see the UK government writing massive cheques when put under a little bit of pressure, according to sources in Brussels.

With the ink barely dry on a deal that will see the DUP get a billion pounds to spend in Northern Ireland, the EU has said there has never been a better time to sit down and negotiate a divorce with ‘that lot’.

An EU source told us, “To be fair, I’m not sure we can draw any particular lessons from this example; but if we could, it would be that the current UK government will write absolutely enormous cheques to anyone that demands one, if it means they get to stay in power – regardless of what is best for the country or its people.

“And that is a wonderful thing to know going into a complicated two-year negotiation which will certainly now involve the demand for an absolutely enormous cheque.

“The enormous British government sat around a table to negotiate a deal with the tiny DUP and ended up paying over a hundred million pounds for each of their MPs to vote in their support. And you people thought the EU was expensive.

“Well played DUP, well played.”