Old woman who lives in her shoe to appear in Channel 5 documentary about single mothers

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An old woman with so many children she doesn’t know what to do will appear on a Channel 5 documentary about life on benefits this autumn.

The woman, whose odd, shoe-shaped home is on an estate just outside Kettering, is understood to have ‘lost count’ of her children – who some papers are reporting are by multiple different fathers.

Controversy has already struck the programme as it was reported that the old woman gave several of her children a whipping during filming and may face charges.

“I think it’s bloody disgraceful,” said viewer Simon Williams.

“They say she lives in a shoe, but it’s actually a huge Adidas Gazelle with built-in Sky TV. Paid for with my money, I might add.

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“If she can’t get a job she should give her children broth without any bread.”

However, critics have already condemned the show as ‘poverty porn’ which doesn’t show the reality of life in benefits Britain.

“It’s like it shows some sort of fairy-tale world,” we were told.