Fruit flavour lollies count as one of your five a day, Britain told

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Eating a fruit-flavoured lolly when it’s hot totally counts as one of your five a day, Doctors have confirmed.

Scientists confirmed an orange Calippo and a frozen carrot look pretty similar so they must be ‘almost identical’ in nutritional terms as well – so go ahead, knock yourself out.

“Anything icy that tastes vaguely like an ice-cold strawberry does you as much good as drinking a kale smoothie and then boasting about it on Facebook, so I wouldn’t worry about it and have another if were you,” said Dr Simon Williams of the Kettering College of Advanced Dietology.

“What’s more every different flavour counts as another of your five a day, so a Zoom would get you three in one go.

“Dark Chocolate Raspberry Magnum? It’s got raspberries in it! What could be healthier than that?

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“Eating one of them is as good as going full vegetarian.

“Although we have to warn people against eating a cider lolly, or one of those fancy Pina Colada flavour ones, before driving.”

In breaking news, Dr Williams has been arrested and the Kettering College of Advanced Dietology closed for taking ‘substantial backhanders’ from the ice-cream industry.

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