First day’s negotiations go well as everyone agrees Brexit means Brexit

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It was all smiles for David Davis in Brussels today as his 27 EU counterparts all agreed when he laid out Britain’s number one negotiation target: that Brexit means Brexit.

Davis had been prepared for a rough ride at these talks, but he was overjoyed to reveal that Johnny Foreigner had completely caved in and immediately agreed with the UK’s tautological definition that Brexit meant Brexit.

“It was all over by elevenses,” the minister said.

“Our number one policy, our line in the sand, and we didn’t have to budge an inch: Brexit means Brexit.

“Now all we have to do is get everyone to agree that Brexit is red, white and blue, and that’s 100% of our negotiation targets achieved – mission accomplished!

“How on earth did people think this was complicated and would drag on for months?”

Brexit means Clusterf*ck – get the t-shirt!