Roboute Guilliman pledges ‘Strong and Stable leadership’ for divided Imperium

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A galaxy divided by the Cicatrix Maledictum needs strong and stable leadership in the Imperial interest, Roboute Guilliman has announced today.

The Imperium has been split against itself after fully half the population voted to fall into the Eye of Terror and then allied itself with what is being called a ‘Coalition of Chaos’.

Despite being dismissed as an ‘unreconstructed Red’, Warboss JezzaCozza’s slogans of “Redduns go faster” and “For the Waaagh, not the Nobz” have proven popular with the youth on hive worlds.

Meanwhile, other factions within the Imperium are understood to be reaching out to the Tau Empire in the hope of maintaining some sort of joint citizenship – a position the Ordo Daily Mailleus described as ‘Heretical’.

Speaking to us directly, Commissar Ciafarage Cain said that Coalition followers are probably weak and cowardly who would run at the first threat, although sources close to Ciafarage told us that was a very ironic thing for him to say.

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“What the Universe needs right now is a wizened corpse-god on an ancient throne”, we were told. “Where’s Margaret Thatcher when you need her anyway? Fully half the galaxy has cut itself off from the light of the Thatchernomican.”