Professional boxer likely to win professional boxing match against man who isn’t professional boxer

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Floyd Mayweather is probably going to win a boxing match against someone who isn’t a boxer.

The likeably humble world champion is set to step into the ring with Conor McGregor, an intensely scary UFC fighter who, nonetheless, hasn’t done a professional boxing match before.

“Some people are betting on McGregor, and we’d like to thank them in advance,” said ScumBet spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“Comparatively few people are betting on Mayweather because we’re offering roughly the same returns that we’d give on the sun rising tomorrow, your feet staying on your legs for the next hour, or Donald Trump saying something dreadful in the next week.”

UFC fan, Elizabeth King, said, “yes, women do watch UFC.

“Anyway, I’ve put money on McGregor. He’s won very different kinds of fights against men who aren’t professional boxers so I see no reason why he shouldn’t defeat an undefeated professional boxer in his first boxing match.

“I’ve also put fifty quid on my local darts pro winning gold in the javelin at the next Olympics.”