Victims of Grenfell Tower fire spared further trauma of meeting Theresa May

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Prime Minister Theresa May has selflessly avoided meeting any victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, to spare them any further unnecessary suffering.

While visiting the site of Wednesday morning’s fire, the prime minister took great care not to engage with residents who have lost their homes for fear it could cause unnecessary distress.

A government spokesperson told us, “It was extremely important that the prime minister came here and had her photograph taken at the site, but making time to talk to residents and victims was not something we felt necessary.

“The important thing is that she went, not what she did or who we carefully chose for her to spend time with when she was there.”

Simon Williams, who lives nearby told us, “These people here have gone through enough without having to hear meaningless platitudes from the leader of a government responsible for the sort of cuts that might have jeopardised their safety; so avoiding the public was probably a good idea.

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“Plus, she probably didn’t want to have dog shit thrown at her.”

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